Monday, February 17, 2014

A Little Update Action

First, thank you all so much for the amazing feedback. Y'all have had me in tears with your kind words and constructive criticism. I know I say it to everybody, but it really does mean the world to me that someone who has taken the time to read my book will also take the time to leave me feedback on it, as well. My feels are on overload and I love it! 

Second, those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I recently lost six chapters to Lowlife. How? I don't know. I wrote them, I saved them, I plugged my flash drive in a different computer than I normally use and they were gone. 

I was crushed. Crushed, I say! But I re-wrote the chapters and they came out better than the ones that were deleted. Crisis averted. 

Some of you know that I've been steady querying publishing companies directly (the few companies who allow direct querying, anyway) and I've had a few interested and one definitely wants to sign me. Exciting, right?!?!? Yes! Oh my sweet goodness, I can't even deal with this much excitement! 

However, they have asked that, for now, I put off the release of the sequel until I sign the contract. My mindset is still, and will always be, very much "Independent Author" so I will not put off the release too long. That was one of my stipulations to which they have agreed. So now it will be March 24th instead of Feb 25th. 

Don't hate me. Don't riot. I'm going to give y'all a couple of sneak peek chapters this week. I promise. I will also be doing some flash giveaways starting this week on Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram. But only if y'all forgive me for having to put the release off for another month.