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All Hallows Eve Book Tour with Jocelyn Stover

Today's author interview is with the amazing, very patient (with me, at least!) Jocelyn Stover.  Stay tuned for a review of her Wanderer series!

Jocelyn Stover

1) Top 5 authors and/or books? 

Anne Mcaffrey is who taught me to love fantasy in high school. Harry Potter Series is a favorite as is The Hunger Games. I love anything fantasy with a unique spin.
2)  Do you prefer eReader, Hardcover, or paperback?  Why?

I love the smell of real books so I prefer paper or hardback. But use eReader for convenience.
3)  Do you have any pet peeves?  What are they?
Long list of pet peeves, starting with people who try to board an elevator first without letting the people inside get off. 

4)  During the writing process, do you start at the begininng, middle, or end?
I outline everything then write start to finish. If I see a future scene in my head I jot a few notes down so I remember when I get there.

5)  What's next for you? 

I am almost done with a contemporary romance set in the medical field (which is where I work.  I'm an infectious disease pharmacist). Hoping to have out February 2014.  It rides the line between New Adult and Adult and has a lot of character development.

Jocelyn's Wanderer series can be found here and here.  

Out of Reach by Jocelyn Stover

Gwen Cohen has aspired her whole life to reach her current position of project manager at Preston-Ward Pharmaceuticals, but when she stumbles upon a dirty little secret everything changes. As she struggles with the reality of evil and her own powerful legacy, she gets pulled farther from the world she knows and closer to the one she can’t deny. 

Eyes finally open, Gwen struggles to unlock the dormant magic within herself before it's too late. The lines between love and desire, and duty and commitment become exceedingly blurred and the ultimate choice to be made may not be between right and wrong but the head and the heart.

A Step Away by Jocelyn Stover

“Time...such a cruel mistress of fate. What we do with ours can either enrich our lives or destroy them, and we mortals never seem to have enough. The right time, our time, was too little and over much too quickly.”

When Gwen turns her back on a set of smoldering amber eyes in favor of a crystal blue pair, her plan is to sever all ties with the Wanderers. Her goodbye is short lived; however, when the investigation into Preston-Ward Pharmaceuticals reveals a powerful sylph has escaped. When Gwen is drawn back into the Wanderer brotherhood for her own protection she discovers she can no longer bury her feelings for Kade or ignore the growing gulf between her and Ben. As the unrelenting hunt for their ancient enemy heats up, Gwen’s attempt to straddle two worlds becomes tedious. She must choose, but when nephilim mysteriously begin to disappear her time may be up.


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Blog Tour for K.N. Lee's Netherworld: The Chronicles of Koa

I am extra excited about today's post, because K.N. Lee happens to be one of my favorite authors and bloggers.  Not only does she keep her readers entertained with the likes of Koa and Halston, but also her short stories and poems.  My favorite thing, though?  She interacts with her readers through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and daily writing prompts on her blog.  I'm a sucker for an author who actually interacts with their readers.  Because, I mean, manners.  Hello.  Stay tuned until the end of the post for a giveaway from K.N.!

Allow me first to introduce you to Koa, your friendly neighborhood badass.  Check out my review here and read the first three chapters below.

Trust me, you'll want to.  I'm a pro at these things.  My mama says so.  She sa--you know what?  Just read and judge for yourself.

Koa is On Sale for $2.99 until October 6!

The world is a dangerous place. Our world is threatened by the creatures of an alternate land called the Netherworld. Good thing Koa and the Netherworld division are there to keep the vampire population in check. Koa is a feisty half-blood with a mysterious past. Her best friend is her boss, she has a cursed mother, an enchanted sword, and an attractive human pet.

Koa also has a problem. A Netherworld serial killer, with a taste for little girls, threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Koa's boss, Halston can stop him. But he knows one prisoner that can. Too bad that prison is in the Netherworld.

Is Koa ready to journey to the Netherworld to release the one creature that can break her mother's curse and protect all that she holds dear?

Chapter 1

"Mmm,” Koa said as she opened a bag of freshly popped popcorn. She breathed in the buttery aroma and groaned in delight. There came a low purr from behind and she glanced over her shoulder at the stoic black cat. The cat jumped onto the dining chair.

“Smells good Raven. Doesn’t it?”

Raven stared back with her ethereal green eyes. The cat blinked, as if she was bored.

Koa shrugged and blew her bangs out of her eyes. “Fine.” She rolled her eyes. “I know you’re still mad at me for coming home late last night. I said I was sorry. But I’m a big girl now.”

Raven blinked again.

Koa scoffed. “Be that way. This popcorn is all mine and you’re just jealous.” She made a teasing face. She poured the popcorn into a large bowl and carried it out of the massive kitchen that had once been filled with kitchen staff and a private chef.

Through the archway and into the grand hall, Koa shuddered at the chill in the air. The sound of her soft footsteps echoed through the empty manor and she found herself humming as she always did.

She didn’t pay any mind to the gothic statues that glared down at her on either side of the wide corridor. There was a time when Koa had been frightened by her father’s relics. As a girl she would avoid walking down the hallways at night for fear that they would awaken and grab her with their cold, stone, hands.

Now, Koa was used to the statues of angels and demons. She barely glanced at them anymore. Such things were a part of her daily life and she no longer feared their artistic replicas.
It took her a few moments to cross the cold marble floors to the large den she had converted into an entertainment room. Koa used a remote to turn off all of the lights. She lit a scented candle just as Raven brushed past her leg. She rubbed her soft fur onto Koa’s bare flesh.

The scent of vanilla made her smile.

Koa flopped onto the plush sofa and put her feet up on the ottoman. She sank into the cushions and closed her eyes in bliss. “Halston has given me a few nights off.” She turned on her television. “Finally, I get to catch up on some reality TV!”

Raven seemed to roll her eyes and Koa grinned. “I know,” she said as she relaxed her back on the orange pillows and popped a handful of popcorn into her mouth. “I can be such a girl sometimes.” She laughed to herself. She was happy. Life had been so busy lately with the rise of supernatural crime, that a single moment of solitude was rare.

Koa glanced at Raven and held her arms out. “Come sit with me. Pretty please?”

Raven snuggled next to her and rested her head on Koa’s lap. Koa smiled and stroked her black fur. Sometimes it seemed as if Raven was all she had left in the world, besides Halston. “Maybe 
I’ll order you some Chinese. How does that sound? You always loved it. How about some roasted duck?”

Koa had just started to crunch on a kernel when she heard the faintest creak in her hallway. It was so faint that she almost didn’t catch it. She didn’t want to catch it. She wanted the night to go smoothly, but it was the way Raven’s ears perked up that confirmed that Koa had indeed heard something.

Koa grumbled and put her bowl of popcorn down on her glass coffee table. She held her breath. All of her senses were heightened. There was a definite warning deep in the pit of her stomach. She sniffed the air. There was the faint stench of coal and something rancid.

Odd, she thought with a frown. She had smelled that distinct odor before. It was not from this world.Very odd.

Raven looked down the dark hallway and made a low sound of warning deep in her throat. Her black fur stood on end. Koa shushed her with a hand.

She came to her feet and headed towards the sound. She could feel that someone was there. 
Like the telling smell of oncoming rain, Koa had an uncanny sense of knowing when something bad was about to happen. She hoped that this time she was wrong.

Her heart began to thump in her chest. Her one day off, and someone decided to bother her. 
Raven lowered her head and waited back on the sofa.

Scaredy-cat, Koa thought with a frown.

Koa softly tiptoed into the darkness. She now wished that she was properly dressed. She didn’t want someone catching her in her underwear. She sighed. She was probably overthinking things. Two-hundred-year-old French manors tended to creak in the night. Koa should have been used to the sounds after all these years of living there.

Truth was, Koa was still afraid of the dark and with good reason. She froze when something crashed to the floor. She quickly pressed her back against the wall and waited. One of the statues had broken.


Koa cursed in her head. Someone was definitely in her house. Her breath quickened. Koa could hear Halston’s voice in her head, telling her that it wasn’t worth it…that she should run. 
She didn’t run.

Instead, she peeked around the corner of the wall and saw flashlights. The harsh, fluorescent light pointed in her direction. Two men. Bald and big. They were dressed in black with tattoos all over their pale white faces and scalps. They clutched silver barreled crossbows.

Koa’s face paled. Their black eyes searched her hallway.

No, Koa thought with cold realization. Her skin crawled with dread. It’s not possible. “Syths,” she whispered in a hiss. They heard her. Four black eyes looked up and met hers.

Koa pulled back. Her pulse raced. These were creatures of folklore and mythology, but Koa knew the truth. Such creatures did exist. It was just that they shouldn’t be in the human world. 
She gulped. Something was definitely wrong. They should not be here.

“Shit!” No time to run now. Boots stomped down the marble floors. Dread washed over her, making her skin feel prickly.

Two Syths, equipped with crossbows. Koa knew what those arrows were laced with. Her stomach pumped with anxiety. Why were they in her house?

Koa saw Raven come around the corner and leisurely sit in the middle of the hall. Koa’s anxiety began to be replaced with fury. No one had ever invaded her home.

Koa glared over at Raven.

“Fine. Just sit there and let me do all of the work,” she said to the black cat. Koa yelped as a large hand reached for her long black and blue hair. She grabbed the hand and with a push off the ground, she leapt into the air.

Her feet climbed up the air as if by invisible stairs. With a surge of energy, she took flight. She grunted as she lifted the large man’s weight off the ground and flew upwards. He used his other arm to direct the point of his crossbow at her.

Koa’s eyes widened and she pursed her lips. She saw the red poisonous arrow ready to be released. The second Syth waited below as Koa went higher and higher up the tall vaulted ceiling. It was cold up there, and pitch black, but Koa could still see the Syth’s illuminated face.

An arrow zipped past her and she gasped. “Come quietly, Koa, and we won’t have to hurt you,” the Syth below shouted. “Our master doesn’t want you dead. He just wants us to bring you in.”

She snorted. “No thanks. I like my world just fine.” Koa looked down at the Syth whose hand she held. It was rare that she saw one of his kind.

His lips curled into a malicious grin. “Yes, come quietly, my pretty,” he whispered. His voice was like nails on gravel. “You know you don’t belong here with the humans…”

Koa gazed into those soulless black eyes and felt her stomach churn with dread. They were like small, black, beads. The tattoos around his eyes were inscriptions of a dialect that didn’t exist in this world. Someone was letting rogue nephilim out of the Netherworld.

“And neither do you,” she said and with an evil grin, she let go of his hand.

He cried out and fell nearly fifty feet. Koa heard a satisfying crunch of bones. She smirked. 
Still, it wasn’t enough to kill a Syth. Those bones were probably regenerating already. Koa hadn’t encountered many since she’d become a Netherworld agent, but Netherworld beings were extremely hard to kill.

Koa darted away from another arrow and into the darkness of her empty manor. She stood on the ceiling, upside down, yet defying gravity as she looked down at the two shadows below. She considered all of her options. She could fly out of that window ahead or she could go back and kill them.

Syths were dangerous. She couldn’t let them get away. But her weapons were in her vault. In order to reach her vault, she would need to go past the Syths. How silly of her to think that she was safe. Not even her home was sacred anymore.

Nearly five years as an agent in Halston’s Netherworld division, and Koa was still caught off guard.

Koa frowned. Halston was right. She should have moved a long time ago. She could already see Halston’s self-satisfied smile. She hoped she’d make it out alive to see that smile again.

Something caught her attention. A glittering light below. She saw Raven’s green eyes glow, and then she saw something else. Like a bolt of lightning, Koa shot through the darkness to Raven. 
Koa had a determined look on her face. She could make it. She had to.

Arrows flew all around her. The arrows bounced off the walls and sparked along the floors. 
Her heart pumped, but her face was set with purpose. She smiled when she saw her Lyrinian sword lying on the floor, like a beacon of hope in the darkness.

Raven stepped away from it. Koa grabbed it by its hilt. A jolt of power slammed into her palm and flooded her body. She gritted her teeth and embraced the euphoric pain the sword caused her. The blade shot out, lengthening from the size of a small dagger to that of a full sized sword. 

The jagged blade was a dark metal that was rippled with black engravings. Netherworld dialect.

Koa grinned. Once the initial pain subsided, the power made her feel invincible. The Lyrinian sword had been her father’s. He had trained her to use it when she was only a little girl. This weapon, was not of this world…and would not be put away until all evil was vanquished.

“Thanks, Raven.”

The cat seemed to nod.

Koa cried out as an arrow nipped her right cheek. The pain was surprising. It sizzled. Blood dripped from her face as her hand shot to cover the wound.

Her green eyes went dark. She balled up her fist and tightened her grasp around the sword. She narrowed her eyes and turned around. They pulled the triggers on their bows and heard an empty snip.

Koa gave them a cold grin and yet there was no amusement in her voice. “You’re mine, now.”

They were out of arrows. Both Syths skidded to a stop. Almost frantically, they reached behind them and into their quivers to reload.

Koa took a step forward and their eyes went wild…with fear of the small girl before them.

Koa held her sword’s black blade at her side. It pulsed with craving for blood. The blood of the evil ones would increase its power.

Koa charged at them. She was lifted to her toes and with a swirl of colors she slashed one of the 
Syths across his side. Her white teeth flashed as the blade burned an iridescent red at the first taste of blood.

The blade craved blood and she would sate it.

It didn’t stop at the bone. It didn’t even pause. It sliced through his spine with ease until the man was cut in half. It sped up only when it came through his other side and to the cold air of the manor.

The Lyrinian sword’s red light encased the black blade and she could feel its heat.

Koa didn’t stop there. She couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. Evil had to be vanquished. She clenched her jaw as the blade went cleanly though the other man, separating him at his waist. 
Their cries filled the entire manor as she sliced them to bits.

Both Syths lay on the floor in pieces. Koa kicked their crossbows away, not that they had hands connected to their arms anymore. Her chest heaved as she stood over them. Smoke rose from the blade of her Lyrinian sword. Koa watched their pale white faces, waiting. Blood pooled onto her floor. She watched it gather around her bare feet.

Raven sauntered over. She sat down and licked her front paw. Her green eyes looked up innocently into Koa’s matching green eyes. “Shall we leave now?” she asked, in her mother’s voice.

Koa’s shoulders slumped. She looked over at the cat. “Yes.” She nodded and looked down at the blood pooling between her white toes. “But first, I must clean up this mess.”

Chapter 2

Koa sat back in her wooden chair and watched as Halston entered the little bistro. She hid her smile as his eyes scanned the room. He was like a golden light, come to spread joy throughout the room. She wasn’t the only woman to notice him. Koa was very aware of the looks he got whenever he stepped into a room.

She sipped her coffee and sighed. She wasn’t ready to tell him about the night before, but Halston was more than her best friend. He was her boss.

Halston didn’t have to look long for her. Koa tended to stand out, especially in the countryside of Paris. Her pale face, green eyes, and long black and blue hair were a stark contrast to everyone in the room. The fact that she was half Korean didn’t help her blend in either.

Halston’s eyes met hers and a smile crept onto his lips.

How could anyone have a more perfect smile? Koa thought. She would never tell him such a thing. Halston was already arrogant enough.

Always late, she thought with an impish grin. For someone that loved rules and decorum, 
Halston never seemed to think twice about punctuality.

Halston checked his watch. He shrugged as if he just realized that he was thirty minutes late and it wasn’t a big deal.

He took off his navy fedora and ran his hand though his blonde hair as he crossed the small room. Halston stood before her. Perfect white teeth smiled at her. Perfect. Everything about him was perfect. He was literally created that way.

Koa’s eyes scanned the room. She secretly enjoyed the dirty looks the other women were giving her when they realized that this masterpiece of a man had come to see her.

“Good morning, Koa,” Halston said and reached over to take a piece of her bacon. Koa slapped his reaching hand.

“Hands off, scum bag,” Koa scolded as she hid a mischievous smile. “You didn’t even ask.”

Halston’s eyebrows drew in. “Geez,” he said, sitting back. “Someone’s moody today,” he grumbled and motioned for the waitress.

Koa folded her arms across her chest. “And someone’s late…” She loved to tease him.

That perfect smile returned. It should have made her grimace. Instead, it did exactly what he wanted it to do. It softened the lines in her face, making her smile in return.

“I apologize. Why couldn’t we meet somewhere familiar, like Lepicurien, or something?”

Koa shrugged. “Because I like it here. Don’t question a Parisian about their bistros, Halston.”

“But you don’t know how hard it is to get out here with all of the sheep in the streets and whatnot. And you’re not really Parisian…you’re Korean. Right?”

Koa huffed and folded her arms across her chest as she leaned back in her chair. She was offended. She’d lived in Paris since she was a child. “I’ve lived here long enough to be considered Parisian.”

Halston swiped one of her macaroons and popped it into his mouth. “Pardon me, miss. You will forgive me, right?”

Koa rolled her eyes, but her smile widened without her permission. She could listen to him just talk for hours. “Sure. This time.” She flicked her bangs out of her eyes. “How could anyone resist that British accent?”

Halston shrugged with a grin. “I suppose it has its perks.”

Koa didn’t think Halston knew just how much it affected her. He could ask for anything.

The tiny waitress took his order. She made eyes at him as if Koa wasn’t sitting right there. Koa shook her head. Good thing Halston wasn’t her boyfriend or husband; she might have felt inclined towards jealousy. She put her elbows onto the table and drank from her small latte.

Koa rolled her eyes as Halston spoke in French. He told the waitress how she looked like Audrey Tatou in Amelie and the girl practically swooned. He ordered and the waitress stood there, as if waiting for him to continue. Halston smiled at her and she blushed a deep rose color.

Koa almost wished she could show her fangs to the waitress, and wipe that smile off her cute little face, but she resisted. She would be good today. Leave it to Koa to contemplate outing the entire vampire race to the poor, blissfully ignorant, humans.

The waitress sauntered off with a beaming smile. Halston turned his attention back to Koa. She wondered if he knew that he’d just made that woman’s day.

“Why, sir,” Koa mocked a British accent. She put the back of her hand across her forehead and pretended to be one of the girls from her favorite Jane Austen movies. She batted her eyelashes. “Aren’t you just the most charming, handsome gentleman I’ve ever laid eyes on? I could just hand you my sweet innocence right here on this table.” She burst out laughing and Halston made a face. It was an odd smirk that showed he didn’t really think she was that funny.

“Don’t try a British accent…ever again, Koa.” He shook his head as he chuckled to himself. 
“You can be so strange sometimes.”

Koa shrugged. “So what. I thought you liked that about me.” She smiled and leaned in, a twinkle in her eye. She loved to flirt with him above all things.

He simply stared at her for a moment. His smile faded when he looked deep into her eyes. 
“You look tired,” he said with a curious frown.

Koa sat back in her seat. Leave it to Halston to figure something was wrong within the first five minutes of arriving. She was surprised he didn’t notice sooner.

Too busy flirting with doe-eyed waitresses, she thought.

His gaze roamed over the surroundings, checking for anything out of the ordinary. It was ironic since the two of them were the only things out of the ordinary in that place. Still, it was 
Halston’s habit, and Koa had learned to do the same. He was a great teacher.

Koa looked up with an unamused look on her face. “Thanks,” she said sarcastically. “That’s exactlywhat I needed to hear this early in the morning. You look as if you just fell from Mount Olympus. Congratulations for making me feel like a spotted monkey.”

Halston sighed. His face turned serious. This was the face of her boss. He was no longer playful. “Out with it. What happened?”

She carefully sat her cup down before her and leaned in. “Syths. Two of them. Ugly bastards, bathed in the stench of burnt coal.” She grimaced at the memory. “I’d say they’d only been in our world a few hours.”

Halston’s eyes widened. “What?” he whispered.

Koa nodded. “They attacked me, Halston. In my house.” She tried to contain her anger. She was still a bit shaken up by the whole ordeal the night before. She was lucky to have Raven. 
Without her Lyrinian sword, she didn’t know how she would have survived.

He kept his voice steady but there was an intense look in his eyes that Koa couldn’t deny.
“Are you sure?”

Koa tilted her head, giving him a blank look. “Want to go check the graves I dug for them? You know, just to be sure?”

Halston let out a long breath.

“Give me some credit. I may still be the new kid in the organization, but I think I know my nephilim,” she said.

Halston shook his head. “There have been more unusual deaths of children lately, namely little girls. Bloodless corpses are scattered about in the middle of the street.” Halston looked at her. 
“I told you, Koa. I told you a long time ago. You cannot stay there anymore.”

Koa grinned then. She knew he would say that. She knew him too well.

He gave her a curious look. “What are you smiling at? This is serious.”

Koa laughed lightly and shook her head. “Nothing, Halston. Nothing at all.” She drank some of 
her coffee. She looked at it with a perplexed expression as something dawned on her. “I thought you told me that the nephilim were locked in the Netherworld. I thought they could not get free.”

The Netherworld, the world of the nephilim, creatures of supernatural origin, had been her main study since the death of her father. From all that she had learned, they were not supposed to be able to come and go freely. There were supposed to be rules and boundaries keeping the human world safe from those creatures. Someone was deliberately breaking those rules.

Halston shook his head. “I never said that. They can come and go as they please, if they have permission.”

Koa sat up straight. “Who can give them permission?” She grew serious. Nothing else mattered. She wanted answers.

Halston waved her to settle down. “Do not worry about it. Two Syths is nothing. They are big, but they are quite dim-witted. It must have been an error. But, I still want you to move.”

Koa examined his face. Even if the Syths were dim-witted, they had found her home. She couldn’t help but worry. Halston was hiding something. He fiddled with his fork and looked down at the white and red tablecloth to avoid her stare.

Koa nodded, but she would find out what it was, in her own way, in her own time. She came to her feet. “Let’s say we go shopping for houses today, shall we?”

Halston motioned to the table. “But, I haven’t gotten my order yet.”

Koa pushed her plate towards him. His eyes went to the bacon that he had been reaching for when he arrived. “I ordered for you already.” She winked at him. “This was for you.”

His mouth hung. “But...”

“I was just teasing, Halston. Now, enough chatter. Wrap it up, and let’s go.”


Koa wasn’t sure if it was the professional thing to do, but whenever she and Halston weren’t on missions or working, he always reached for her hand when they were walking together. Koa never protested, it was instinctual and her hand would slide into his naturally. She didn’t care that they appeared to be a couple in public.

Perhaps that was Halston’s plan, another way of protecting her. Perhaps it meant more. She could only dream that it did.

They walked down the gray pavement and stopped before a newly developed high-rise. Koa looked up into the sky. It was tall. She would be able to fly out whenever she wanted, as long as no one was looking.

She frowned. This is not going to work.

Her father’s mansion was her home. How could she leave it? She still remembered when he had come back for her and Raven. For years, Koa and her mother had lived in a one room cottage in Daegu, South Korea.

Each day Koa would look out their window and wait for this elusive father of hers to return to the woman he had impregnated and the child he had held only once. Raven had been confident that he loved them both, and that he would come back for them, when the time was right. So, she would sit on the floor and spend the entire morning cooking for the field workers while 
Koa struggled to learn how to hide her fangs and resist slaughtering the people of that village.

Being a half-blood was hard. It was hard not having a vampire father around to teach her how to curb her cravings. She could eat food, but each week, the blood lust would hit her and she would be bedridden until Raven brought her blood from an animal. Koa would never forget just how good a mother Raven had been, when she was still human.

Koa sighed, pushing the memory of her mother’s beautiful face away. It always stung at her heart to remember such things. The curse had almost ruined them. Halston had been the one to help them cope with the curse that had been put on her mother. She gave Halston a sidelong glance and gave his hand a squeeze. He raised a brow but didn’t question it.

“So,” he asked. “What about this one?”

Koa didn’t hesitate. She shook her head. “I don’t like it.” She motioned around them. “There are too many people around. It’s not safe. People can be nosy, and you know how I get when I’m hungry.”

Halston sighed. He checked his watch. “I suppose you’re right. But Koa, I’m not going to be able to find you another secluded manor in the countryside. Homes like your father’s manor just aren’t practical. Sooner or later you’re going to have to get used to being around people. 
You can blend better than any vampire because you can walk in the sun. You must get used to life with humans.”

Koa frowned. “Come on Halston, I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, I know. Europe is made up of such things. Go to London and make one of the lord’s move out.”

Halston laughed. “Just because you’re a Jane Austen fan doesn’t make you an expert on England, Koa.” He chuckled louder. “I don’t think that’s exactly how we want to relocate you, by moving a lord out and eliciting a bunch of unwanted attention.”

“Who cares about unwanted attention?”

Halston’s smile faded. “I do.”

She sucked her teeth and folded her arms across her chest.

Halston gently unfolded her arms. He brushed her bangs from her eyes. “You’re being bratty 
right now,” he told her softly.

Koa didn’t say anything. She knew he was right. She hated that. Her tongue went dry. Her stomach grumbled. She felt her energy start to deplete and sighed a long agonizing sigh. The smell of blood everywhere filled her nostrils and made her dizzy. She nearly stumbled and held onto Halston’s arm.

He held her up. His voice was concerned. “The hunger?”

She nodded and took a deep breath. “I need to get to Wryn Castle.”

Halston frowned. “Are you sure? I can find you some animal blood.”

Koa shook her head. “Not this time. I need human blood at least once a month, or I’ll be too weak to defend myself.” She was tired of the taste of rabbit blood anyway. She needed a delicious mouthful of warm human blood. Her fight with the Syths the night before had drained her a lot sooner than usual. She and Halston had developed a schedule for her feedings. The battle last night had thrown it off.

He held her hand and patted the back of it. “I’ll take you. I want to keep an eye on you.”

Koa shook her head. “No Halston, you cannot come. They don’t take kindly to your kind.”

“And I don’t take kindly to theirs either.”

Koa looked up and gave him a coy smile. “But you like me, don’t you?”

Halston let out a breath and looked away. “Of course I do, Koa. You’re not a typical vampire 
though. You’re humanity gives you hope.”

“Good…but I must go alone.” Koa looked around to make sure no one was close enough to hear her. She lowered her voice. “The Wryn are not bad vampires. They are the best kind that we could ever hope for. At least they don’t kill people. I swear, they are all registered and they follow the rules you’ve set.”

Halston looked unsure but didn’t protest. Instead he watched her with curious eyes.

Koa shifted, avoiding his gaze. She looked across the street at a couple having wine at an outside table. Halston had no idea how much she wanted him to kiss her whenever he gave her that icy blue look. It was a look of deep concern that told her he truly cared about her.

Koa was still fairly new to Halston’s organization, but she had been killing vampires with him for a few years now. She knew how much he hated that she was about to go to the castle of one of the oldest vampire clans in Europe.

Chapter 3

Blood was like liquid chocolate. Koa savored the flavor and the euphoric rush. The moment the warmness of it touched her tongue, her eyes closed in bliss. Colors flashed behind her eyelids, and she moaned with delight. She couldn’t resist it because it was necessary for her survival.

Blood just happened to be delicious as well. She licked his neck clean with three long strokes, leaving two small puncture holes. She was neat. She wiped her mouth and her canines returned to normal. Her eyelids fluttered in delightful bliss.

“Are you done, Mistress?” Ian spoke to her in an almost timid voice, as if he didn’t want her to be finished. He craved more. Koa rolled her eyes and crawled from on top of him. He reached for her and she pushed his arms down by his head.

Koa lowered her tone. “Did I tell you to speak?”

Ian shook his head and she smiled. She enjoyed such dominance. It excited her that such an attractive young man thought of her as a goddess.

“Good boy.” She played with his hair and sighed. “I’m sorry, Ian, for being so rude. I didn’t mean it.”

About the Author

K.N. Lee is an American author who resides in North Carolina. She enjoys writing fantasy and horror novels and short stories. She also writes poetry and does a great deal of promoting other authors on her websites. When she is not cooking traditional Asian meals for her friends, she travels the world and practices foreign languages. She lives with her two dogs, Raven and Rocco.

You can find K.N. at any of these places, but I suggest all of them.  She posts daily.  



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