Saturday, October 19, 2013

All Hallows Eve Book Tour with Jocelyn Stover

Today's author interview is with the amazing, very patient (with me, at least!) Jocelyn Stover.  Stay tuned for a review of her Wanderer series!

Jocelyn Stover

1) Top 5 authors and/or books? 

Anne Mcaffrey is who taught me to love fantasy in high school. Harry Potter Series is a favorite as is The Hunger Games. I love anything fantasy with a unique spin.
2)  Do you prefer eReader, Hardcover, or paperback?  Why?

I love the smell of real books so I prefer paper or hardback. But use eReader for convenience.
3)  Do you have any pet peeves?  What are they?
Long list of pet peeves, starting with people who try to board an elevator first without letting the people inside get off. 

4)  During the writing process, do you start at the begininng, middle, or end?
I outline everything then write start to finish. If I see a future scene in my head I jot a few notes down so I remember when I get there.

5)  What's next for you? 

I am almost done with a contemporary romance set in the medical field (which is where I work.  I'm an infectious disease pharmacist). Hoping to have out February 2014.  It rides the line between New Adult and Adult and has a lot of character development.

Jocelyn's Wanderer series can be found here and here.  

Out of Reach by Jocelyn Stover

Gwen Cohen has aspired her whole life to reach her current position of project manager at Preston-Ward Pharmaceuticals, but when she stumbles upon a dirty little secret everything changes. As she struggles with the reality of evil and her own powerful legacy, she gets pulled farther from the world she knows and closer to the one she can’t deny. 

Eyes finally open, Gwen struggles to unlock the dormant magic within herself before it's too late. The lines between love and desire, and duty and commitment become exceedingly blurred and the ultimate choice to be made may not be between right and wrong but the head and the heart.

A Step Away by Jocelyn Stover

“Time...such a cruel mistress of fate. What we do with ours can either enrich our lives or destroy them, and we mortals never seem to have enough. The right time, our time, was too little and over much too quickly.”

When Gwen turns her back on a set of smoldering amber eyes in favor of a crystal blue pair, her plan is to sever all ties with the Wanderers. Her goodbye is short lived; however, when the investigation into Preston-Ward Pharmaceuticals reveals a powerful sylph has escaped. When Gwen is drawn back into the Wanderer brotherhood for her own protection she discovers she can no longer bury her feelings for Kade or ignore the growing gulf between her and Ben. As the unrelenting hunt for their ancient enemy heats up, Gwen’s attempt to straddle two worlds becomes tedious. She must choose, but when nephilim mysteriously begin to disappear her time may be up.


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