About Me

The short version:  I am a book nerd, word nerd, breakfast cereal connoisseur, and dill pickle addict.  I'm too nice and I like it that way.  

The long version:

What’s to Know?

On the surface I am the daughter of hard-working poor southerners, the wife of a United States Soldier, literary nerd, aspiring author and nursing student.  But if you really want to dig deeper, you will see that I am

Optimistic for a pessimist, call me an idealistic realist, sometimes an opportunist; I will drink the half-full glass of water if I am thirsty.  I enjoy rocking chairs on a front porch, the way grass smells as it is being cut.  This is the beginning of regrowth and rebirth, ending only when summer turns to fall, fall to winter. It's sort of beautiful.

I question my own beliefs, but never God. This makes me stronger in Him, stronger in me. The stronger I am, the less it hurts when I fall and the quicker I get back up, dust off my Chucks and tell life it hits like a bit--er, punk.  

I may not be the best at the things I love to do, but I will surely do these things with a finesse and style that will make you look twice, think twice, taste twice.  Mind outta the gutter, Sweet Pea, I'm a chef.  :) Tupac wrote about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete, defying the laws of nature. That wasn't about me . . . it is me.  

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