Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Review: Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

Before I begin this review, I'm looking for recommendations for YA Contemporary--or really, anything that isn't YA Paranormal, Sci-Fi, etc.  I love all genres of YA, but am running out of Contemps.  All suggestions are welcome!  Please and thank you!  --Maria

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After attending a party and ending up in a jail cell, Kylie Galen's mother decides to send Kylie to Shadow Falls, a camp for troubled teens.  Only Kylie's fellow campers aren't juvenile delinquents, as Shadow Falls is a camp that houses vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches and fairies.  Kylie, although she has never felt "normal", doesn't believe any of this.  That is, until she witnesses a guy shift to a unicorn and is paired with a witch and a vampire for roommates.  The campers train, learning to harness their powers, control their magic, and live normally in a society which doesn't want to accept them.  Kylie, however, doesn't know what her powers include. 

As if the information overload wasn't enough, Derek and Lucas stroll into the picture, upping the complication factor.  For those of you who aren't into the "love triangle" . . . just a note:  there is one.  And I love it.  Especially when it involves a sexy, shirtless werewolf (minus the wolf-form, of course).  Derek, who is half-Fae, would like to be Kylie's boyfriend.  Lucas, a hot werewolf, shares a past with Kylie, but she isn't sure if he even remembers her.  In the midst of Kylie's new stresses, her parents are going through a not-so-clean divorce and oh yeah, she has a stalker . . . that no one else can see.

Yes, I loved it!  I was hooked before getting through the first page.  "Born at Midnight" is one of those books that you hate to read close to its release date because the wait for the sequel is down right torturous. 

As for characters, I usually have one, or sometimes a few favorites, but the only characters I truly disliked in "Born at Midnight" were Kylie's parents, who acted like spoiled children.  Oh, and her creeper-status ex, Trey.   

I anticipate Kylie's "stalker" returning in the sequel, (as he might be a vital part in her discoveries), as well as a possible sighting of the mysterious waterfall.  I cannot wait to see our main character discover more about who she is, as well as her powers.

Cons:  Not many, but as other reviewers have said, some things are a bit repetitive (language, phrases, etc.), but in my opinion, this absolutely does not take away from the story. 

I highly recommend "Born at Midnight" by C.C. Hunter.  I don't think you will be disappointed.   


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Review: Haven by Kristi Cook

I've read several books in the past week, and my goal is to do a review on each one within the coming days. Some days may have two reviews in one blog.  If it is a series, I will review the entire series.  Also, I don't discriminate by genre so if the book is YA Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance, etc. and I have read it (durh!),  I will review it.  {{Click HERE for my Book Review Disclosure}}

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Leaving Atlanta behind, and starting fresh at Winterhaven School in New York, sixteen year old Violet McKenna is looking for a fresh start.  But Violet has a secret she has tried to keep hidden:  she has macabre, vivid visions of the future. 

Good thing for Violet that Winterhaven happens to be a safe haven for people like her with special "gifts and talents".  Here she meets extremely smart, sexy, mind reader extraordinaire, Aidan Gray.  But Aidan is hiding something from everyone at Winterhaven that could have them all running from him.  Will fate and a common enemy keep Violet and Aidan together or tear them apart? 


I had not heard of this book until I picked it up last Wednesday at my local bookstore.  The cover drew me in.  Does it make me shallow that I judged a book by its cover?  Ahwell.  When I read the back cover, I knew immediately I had to have it!  I can't tell you what it says, because I want you to go check out this book for yourself!  :)

I've read other reviews, saying that "Haven" is kind of a mixture of several other types of stories, and although I do see where these reviewers are coming from, this is one of those books that flows so beautifully and has some extras I haven't seen or have scarcely seen in YA Paranormal (astral projection, anyone?).  Oh, and let's not forget "The Aidan Effect" that may or may not have to do with his particular "gifts".  Personally, I've experienced this type of effect, and it is not pretty.  Oh wait . . . right . . . reviewing.  Sorrrryyyyy! 

What I wish I could have seen was more chemistry between Aidan and Violet, but I believe the lack of is leading up to a sequel (yayyyy!), so I can't say that I'm disappointed.  

I would definitely recommend "Haven" to anyone who wants a good YA Paranormal read.  The book is about 400 pages, but reads so smoothly that I got through it in about a day.   

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Desires of the Dead (The Body Finder, #2)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

Sam LaCroix has no idea he is a necromancer. College dropout? Yes. Working at Plumpy’s to make ends meet? Yes. Champion potato hockey player? Not so much. When Sam sends a potato flying through the taillight of a classic Mercedes, the stranger who it belongs to seems to know more about Sam than he knows himself. Everything Sam has ever known is turned upside down, as a secret his mom has been sitting on begins to unravel.

The title, which is a play on Elton John’s “Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer”, should be the first indicator of the hilarity you will face in this book. Necromancers, witches, werewolves, talking heads, zombie pandas and . . . garden gnomes? This book has a surplus of supernatural beings that, although aren’t discussed in too much depth, add to the story’s overall feel.

I was a bit skeptical when I glanced through the book and saw the 1st and 3rd person shifts throughout, but Lish Mc Bride makes this work extremely well.

On Characters:

One of the things I lovedlovedloved about this book is the plethora of strong women characters! Brooke, Brid, Mrs. W . . . the list of non-whiney, intelligent, self-sufficient, hilarious female characters goes on. I have a total literary crush on Ramon, who, I think is going to play a bigger role in the sequel. Hohyeah! A sequel!

Douglas, our resident bad guy, is number one on the Ultimate Creeper Status list.

What I loved the most: Our main character, Sam, is normal (given the circumstances). Usually, I find that when the main character of a book written by a female is male, the character is usually too sensitive, too emotional, and really unlike a guy at all. This isn’t the case with Sam. He is a good a mixture of the kind of guy you want to be friends with. He’s not a jock or stoner or emo or any other label one can think of. He is just a guy trying to find himself and make his own way in life.

Would I recommend this?  Hohyeah!