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Book Review: Doomed by Tracy Deebs

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Title:  Doomed

Author:  Tracy Deebs

Genre:  YA Dystopian

Release Date:  January 8, 2013

Spoilers:  Homie Don't Play That

Note:  Doomed has a little foul language, a little violence, and a lot of grand theft auto.  If any of these things offend you, Doomed is not the book for your bookshelf.

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There are times when I read the last page of a book, close said book, open the aforementioned book and re-read the last page of the forenamed book to see what the deuce I missed.  Then I tell myself, "Self, when life gets you down just remember there are people who make unicorn poop cookies and these people do not care about your feels.  So suck it up, Pumpkin, and get on with it."

I just . . . I don’t . . .I can't even give a summary.  I just have to go straight into my opinion.  Here goes.

I wanted to love this book.  I mean, LOVE this book.  The fact that I am one of *those* people who prep for hard times (like natural disasters and whatnot) made me up this rating from 3 stars to 3.5 stars.  Though my weirdo prepping tendencies are much to my husband's chagrin, when the SHTF he'll be glad he married this crazy pessimistic chick who hoards water and batteries.  I have no shame. Oh wait, I was reviewing Doomed.  Sorry.

 Back on track.    

The story makes makes you think about what could happen when one radical goes off the proverbial deep end and causes worldwide destruction.  It also gives the readers a sneak peek into the heart of humankind in the midst of chaos, both ugly and beautiful.  Mostly ugly.

I liked this book because the love interest was there, but not at the forefront, slapping us in the face with constant swooning and pining and petting.

I liked this book simply because it was well-written.  The concept of Doomed is unlike anything I've seen, especially in Young Adult.  

Now for the cons.

I did not love this book.  I liked it.  A lot.  Pandora, our MC, was super annoying and frustrating at times.  I just wanted to shake her and scream, “JUST FREAKING DO WORK AND KEEP IT MOVING!  WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO EXPLORE YOUR FEELINGS!”  And yes, it is very serious when I break out the CAPS lock like I just did there.  On the other side of my negativity, I should point out that Pandora's compassion in a world of chaos and lawlessness made me love her character.

Doomed was thismuch longer than it should have been.  The beginning was great (though the classroom scene was odd).  The middle was a mixture of action and pouring molasses in the winter.  The ending was . . . anti-climactic. You're expecting a boom (excuse the pun) and instead get a puff of air on your face.  I mean, some characters were introduced then ignored, others were killed off for the sake of a quick getaway.  These characters could have added twists and turns to a story that, at times, dragged along like a snail running late on its first day of class.  

Overall, Doomed is worth the read.  This is one of those books that I really believe would make an amazing movie . . . that is, if Hollywood leaves out the slooowwwww parts.  

There is something I'd like to address that I find myself addressing quite a bit in my reviews:  other reviews that I read and think, "Really?  You just had to go there?"  I am not judging these reviewers, I just want to make a point that some readers tend to forget when they are enveloped in the cocoon of a book's womb.  (Gah, that was poetic!)

Folks, keep in mind that this book is a work of fiction.  The writer made the characters as strong or as weak as she wanted them to be, as stubborn or laid back as she felt they needed to be.  You know what that's called?

We have 3 heroes doing extraordinary hero things, and because they are teens, all of that seems impossible?  They are "too smart"  "too savvy" "too sexy" "too blah blah blah".  Miss Deebs could have made our heroes have Hobbit feet with painted toenails and answer "So it has come to this" each time a question is presented and I promise you the incessant rants about the main characters will still get you nowhere.  The book is written.  The book is published.  It's dystopian.  It's fiction.  So-called "unbelievable" things are allowed.  



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