Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poetry Wednesday

Prompt Word:  Vengeance 

Vengeance (Never Piss Off a Writer)


wreak vengeance with my pen

Speak compassion with these words
Hide wrath behind my eyes

Abuse of my kindness enrages me,
Douses gasoline into the core of my bones
Flaming the fire
That the ice in my veins cannot contain

Place a shield of armor around emotions
That pound relentless against these walls to get out
                but won't
                but can't
                but eventually will


Wreak vengeance with my pen

Each stroke slices through
A raging silence
To quiet your hate
            your ignorance
            your complaints
of things you will never understand


Saved you the rain
But kept the lightning for myself
To enhance the way I illuminate
each self-satisfying notion
and divine tragedy
I write for you

                   Can hate me

                          Still, I

Wreak vengeance with my pen

Scar feelings with this ink
Inflict havoc with these words
With your life story played out on
                            each line
                            each page
                            each chapter.

Wreak vengeance with my pen

Words that flow onto paper are hollow
They can never capture the true reflection
of malice glaring from
                    Your Eyes
                    My retinas

The hate bounces around in my brain
Only to Leak out in the form of

I wreak vengeance with my pen.

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