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Book Review: More Than This by Shannyn Schroeder

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Now . . . Onward to the review! 

Title:  More Than This
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Spoilers:  No way!  Y’all get your own copy.  : D
Note:  This book contains steamy, beautiful, sweet, sexy love making that may not be suitable for anyone who is offended by such things.


“Someday had become her mantra for years. Someday had already taken too long.”

High school English teacher Quinn plans everything—right down to the month she wants to be artificially inseminated in order for her work schedule to comply with the month her baby is born.  When she decides to carry out her “My Someday” list, she reluctantly hands over the reins to her sister and best friend to write out the list for her.  Quinn must carry out this list of eight things before the end of the summer. 

Quinn and her colleagues frequent O’Leary’s, a bar owned sexy, family-oriented Ryan.  When Ryan makes it his goal to become more than a bartender to Quinn, he gets a little more than he ever expected from the shy English teacher.  Between a sister who she thinks is prettier, more talented, and more experienced in the Man Department, and an ex-husband who worked at a bar throughout their marriage—which for him meant staying drunk all the time and countless infidelities—Quinn is reluctant to be anything more than friends with an unrelenting Ryan.    

My Opinion:

Ryan and Quinn develop a friendship that inevitably gets Ryan stuck in the friendzone.  Family, friends, a wallowing ex-husband, and numerous horrific internet dates get in the way of a story that could have held more. Since I do not want to add any spoilers, (not to mention I am very stealthily making you decide to get your own copy . . . gah, I'm like a book ninja!) the only thing I will say is the ending was so abrupt I had to go back and re-read a few pages to see what I missed.  That was one of the only cons I felt about this book. 

I like the author’s style.  She has a good mix of steamy and funny and seriousness to her characters that makes you want to give up your plans for the day and find out what happens.  This book, I believe, will appeal to readers who are looking for a romance that develops slowly, then all at once.  More Than This is not a story that is all-conclusive.  I’m a sucker for a good epilogue.  I love to see what the characters are up to—be it tomorrow or five, ten, twenty years down the road.  I did not get an epilogue with this book, but a preview into what’s going on in Quinn’s sister’s life.  I am pretty excited about that.  Actually, I would love to know what is going on with Kate, as well.  Oh, and throw some Colin in there, too.  I feel there are so many books that can come out of this one story and I will most definitely read all of them. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  

Shannyn Schroeder

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